Posted on: March 17, 2008 10:47 am

here kitty kitty kitty

It seems that the last few weeks there have been some Names cut by the Lions, well at least they are names here. Kevin Jones, Kalimba Edwards, Kenoy Kennedy....and others that were just let go i.e. Woody (yeah I know he's old blah blah blah). So all these moves (plus the fact that we will sign anyone who once wore a Tampa Bay jersey) have me excited to see the product that gets put on the field. Now when I say excited, I don't mean it in the "Can't wait for the last day of school" sense, more like "Wow, what the hell is going on here" sense.. I am interested in finding out how things will run now that we are down to about 12 Lions that played under Mooch. If they try to go the 07' Giants route by playing tons of fresh faces, with a light sprinkling of vets, I think they might have a better shot at a .500 season. I guess you can say they are trying to get rid of the losing mentality by cutting all the guys who helped perpetuate it. Can't wait for August!!
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